Executive Meeting – April 2015




6:00 p.m. BIA OFFICE

Present: Chair Riley Hatherall, Treasurer Adeana McQuaig, Carl McIntyre, Karen Thompson, Cindy Wolfe, Sam Laurin, Bill Ewing

Monique Wissink

BIA Coordinator: Grace McDonough,
Regrets: Chuck Barkley, Shelley Cumberland


Call to order 6:00pm
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest: None
Confirmation of the Agenda: Additions Deletions, or Amendments

Review and Approval of Last Executive Minutes: None
That the minutes dated March 2nd, 2015 be approved as circulated.


Moved by Carl McIntyre

Seconded by Sam Laurin Carried

Geraldine Fitzsimmons, Manager of Chamber of Commerce, guest at meeting to discuss Tourist Information proposal prior to meeting with the Municipality and the BIA.

BIA and Chamber to request grant for $6000.00 to hire staff and to extend hours of operation of office(s) to deliver tourist information to the public. Proposed hours Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday & Sunday. Approximately 20 hrs. per week X 22 weeks plus special events days.
Chamber and BIA to meet with Mayor Delegarde, Councilors Ewing and St. Pierre to discuss the visitor information and staffing as it relates to the BIA and the Chamber of Commerce.
Business arising from the Minutes:
Proposed Tax Increase to Businesses within the plaza’s.

Coordinator directed to draft letter to Municipality regarding this issue and bring back to Board of Management for approval.

Financial Report:

That the Financial Report be approved as presented.
Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Karen Thompson Carried

Co-ordinator’s Report: Read
Old Business
Antiquefest: As of this meeting only 10 confirmed vendors for Antiquefest
Pork Fest: Next meeting will be held May 27th at 5:00pm – BIA office

New Business:
I.P.M. Sponsorship – information to next meeting

Canopy cleaning / bug spraying – action: Coordinator to contact Municipality

Pylon Sign – Coordinator to contact Municipality regarding lights out in sign.

Tourist Information (see item #1)
Meeting Adjourned to the call of the Chair at 7:30pm

Next meeting will be May 11th, 2015, 6:00pm at the BIA office, 99 Main Street, Morrisburg, everyone is welcome.