Executive Meeting – August 2015




6:00 p.m. BIA OFFICE

Present: Chair Riley Hatherall, Treasurer Adeana McQuaig, Sam Laurin, Bill Ewing, Carl McIntyre, Chuck Barkley, Vice Chair Shelley Cumberland
BIA Coordinator: Grace McDonough,
Regrets: Cindy Wolfe, Karen Thompson


Call to order 6:00pm
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest: None
Confirmation of the Agenda: Additions Deletions, or Amendments: None
Review and Approval of Last Executive Minutes:
That the minutes dated June 8th, June 26th and July 6th, 2015 be approved as circulated.


Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Shelley Cumberland Carried

Business arising from the Minutes: None

Financial Report: none
Co-ordinator’s Report:
Antiquefest was a success regardless of the rain and power outage and threats of severe weather on Sunday afternoon. We did close down on Sunday earlier than anticipated due to the weather warnings. Positive feedback form vendors and visitors. Live music and wine tasting were both positive additions.
Old Business

Aniquefest cost approximately 4,340.00 – this year
Coordinator to send out survey to businesses after Pork Fest to gauge impact of events on businesses.
R.F.P. work on plaza has been withdrawn and study to determine scope of work required will be done by Eastern Engineering.

Orkin has completed spraying for spiders.

New Business:
August 20th is the Grand Opening of the Home Hardware Commercial Operation. Coordinator and Riley Hatherall will attend this opening.
Final PORK Fest meeting will be held on August 13th at 5:00pm at BIA office.
Garbage overload on onday’s at East Promenade.
Coordinator to look into two new garbage cans for East Promenade and frequency of garbage pickup

Commuter parking – patrons riding the Evans bus to Ottawa are parking in prime spots and leaving their vehicles there all day while in Ottawa. Casino Bus – pulling up and idling in front of Farmers Market area
Coordinator to liase with Municipality on both issues and report back to the B.O.M.
Additional bench has been requested to be placed close to the sidewalk on the South West corner of the plaza for use of those walking to the plaza from that direction.
Short term solution is to move a picnic table to the location and after sidewalk repairs are completed to pour and pad and the BIA will provide a permanent bench.


Meeting Adjourned to the call of the Chair at 7:35pm

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting will be October 5th, 2015, 6:00pm at the BIA office, 99 Main Street, Morrisburg, everyone is welcome.