Executive Meeting – December 2015




5:00 p.m. BIA OFFICE

Present: Chair Riley Hatherall, Vice Chair, Shelley Cumberland, Treasurer Adeana McQuaig, Sam Laurin, Karen Thompson, Cindy Wolfe,

Council Representative Bill Ewing,

Members: Kathy Moger, Monique Wissink

BIA Coordinator: Grace McDonough,


Call to order 5:10pm

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest: None

Confirmation of the Agenda: Additions Deletions, or Amendments:

(2) Reports – remove Budget

Review and Approval of Last Executive Minutes:

That the minutes dated Monday November 2nd, 2015 be approved as read.

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Shelley Cumberland Carried

Business arising from the Minutes: None


Coordinators Report:

Financial Report:

That the coordinators report and the financial report be approved as read.

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Cindy Wolfe

Old Business:

  1. Members Survey – poor response form members, reissue survey in February

  2. Christmas promotions – activities at plaza on Dec. 5th, draw of 15 – 15lb turkey, ballots to businesses by Dec 1st – draw December 21st. New – Elf on the Shelf draw at 15 participating businesses. Prize $250.00 gift certificate. Draw will take place in conjunction with turkey draw

  3. Donations in kind new form expected. Form and package has arrived and Coordinator directed to fill out donation in kind portion of the form and have signed by Chair prior to the December 23rd deadline.

  1. Proposed 2016 Budget.

That the 2016 proposed budget is set at 50,000.00 and will go forward to the AGM for approval February 1st, 2016, McIntosh Country Inn

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Shelley Cumberland Carried

New Business:

  1. Events 2016 – Antiquefest will go ahead as a two day event July 16th & 17th. Pork Fest will go ahead as one day event Saturday August 20th.

Coordinator directed to begin planning of the events and report back to the Board.

  1. Flags – will be ordered and new clips installed for the 2016 summer season.

  1. Window replacement – Coordinator to issue RFP to replace front office window and retrofit entry door to accessibility requirements.

  1. New Board of Management member: Board of Management will recommend to Municipal Council that Kathy Moger fill one of the two vacancies on the Morrisburg DBIA Board of Management.

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Shelley Cumberland Carried

  1. Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting will be held at the McIntosh Country Inn, Monday February 1st, 2015, at 6:30p.m.


Motion to adjourn

Motion by Shelley Cumberland

Seconded by Cindy Wolfe Carried

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting will be January 4th, 2016, 5:30pm at the BIA office, 99 Main Street, Morrisburg, everyone is welcome.