Executive Meeting – March 2016




5:30 p.m. BIA OFFICE

Present: Riley Hatherall, Shelley Cumberland, Sam Laurin, Kathy Moger,

Monique Wissink, Councilor Bill Ewing

BIA Coordinator: Grace McDonough,

Regrets: Adeana McQuaig, Cindy Wolfe, Karen Thompson

Call to order 5:30pm by Chair

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest: None

Confirmation of the Agenda: Additions Deletions, or Amendments:

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Kathy Moger Carried

Review and Approval of Last Executive Minutes:

That the minutes dated January 4th, 2016 be approved as read.

Moved by Bill Ewing

Seconded by Sam Laurin Carried

Business arising from the Minutes: None

Reports – None

Old Business

  1. Sidewalk Sale and use of Municipal sidewalks. Email form Clerk Brenda Brunt with information regarding the use of Municipal sidewalks at any time which states that any business that wishes to use a portion of the Municipal sidewalk for display and sale purposes will be required to provide of liability insurance to the Municipality. Also the Municipal Insurance Policy will not cover the Annual Sidewalk Sale held on the Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend each year.

Action: Coordinator to inform business owners of the policy requiring proof of insurance if the Municipal sidewalk is to be used in the manner described above. Add the sidewalk sale to the PAL Insurance policy that includes Antiquesfest and Pork Fest.

  1. RFP Morrisburg Plaza – No RFP has been issued as of this meeting for the work needed at the plaza. Councilor Ewing gave information regarding a study to be done by Eastern Engineering.

Action: Coordinator to draft letter of inquiry to Mayor and Council requesting an update of the progress and expected date for RFP.

  1. Window replacement. Cornwall Glass to send estimate to the BIA for replacement of the window and changes to the entrance door to ensure it is accessible.

  2. Antiquefest update. 8 Vendors are registered. Theme is Christmas in July.

  3. Canada Flags on top of canopy. Deferred to April 4th meeting for discussion.

New Business:

  1. Pork Fest Entertainment.

Action: Coordinator to bring back prices of groups brought forward and report back at next meeting.

  1. E- Waste pickup.

Action: Coordinator to inform DBIA businesses of the opportunity to register for free e-waste pick up at their businesses.

  1. Succession Planning. Opportunity to participate in Job Matching Placement (JMP) through Job Zone to find suitable replacement for the Coordinator’s position.

Action: Coordinator to send out job description for approval to BOM before next meeting.


Motion to adjourn

Motion by Shelley Cumberland

Seconded by Monique Wissink Carried

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting will be Monday April 4th 1, 2016, 5:30p.m. DBIA office, 99 Main Street, Morrisburg, everyone is welcome.