Executive Meeting – October 2015




6:00 p.m. BIA OFFICE

Present: Chair Riley Hatherall, Vice Chair, Shelley Cumberland, Treasurer Adeana McQuaig, Sam Laurin, Karen Thompson, Council Representative Bill Ewing, BIA Coordinator: Grace McDonough,
Regrets: Cindy Wolfe, Chick Barkley, Carl McIntyre
Call to order 6:00pm
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest or Conflict of Interest: None
Confirmation of the Agenda: Additions Deletions, or Amendments:
Review and Approval of Last Executive Minutes:
That the minutes dated August 10, 2015 be approved with the correction of the spelling on the word Monday.

Moved by Shelley Cumberland

Seconded by Adean McQuaig Carried

Business arising from the Minutes: None

Financial Report:

That the financial report be approved as read.

Moved by Adeana McQuaig

Seconded by Sam Laurin Carried

Co-ordinator’s Report:

Attached to the Agenda and read out by Coordinator.
Old Business

Garbage Cans and Garbage pick up at the East Promenade.
Councilor Ewing will enquire at the Municipal Office as to the status of this service and the cost to the Morrisburg DBIA. The Morrisburg DBIA will purchase 2 additional garbage cans for the East Promenade to be installed in 2016.

New Business:
Celebrate Ontario Grant
Coordinator is directed to apply for this Grant to assist with the growth of the Pork Festival held in August.
Members Survey
Coordinator to send out member’s survey as amended by the Board of Management
Small Business Week Breakfast – October 21st – McIntosh Inn
The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a breakfast to celebrate Small Business Week and members of the Morrisburg DBIA are invited to attend.

South Dundas Night at the Rideau Carleton Raceway Thursday November 5th, 2015.
The Morrisburg DBIA will participate and will take a full page ad in the Racing Program. Coordinator directed to send ad copy to the Chamber of Commerce before November 2nd.

South Dundas Chamber of Commerce Fall/Winter Trade Show, Sunday November 8th.
The Morrisburg DBIA will not take a booth at this trade show but will participate in the SD C of C Spring Trade Show.
Christmas Promotions
Ideas for this year’s Christmas promotions were discussed and final decisions are deferred until the next meeting on November 2nd, 2015.

In Camera

Resolution that the Morrisburg DBIA Board of Management move In Camera to discuss matters pertaining to personal matters about an identifiable individual including a board employee or a proposed or pending legal matter.

Moved by Karen Thompson

Seconded by Adeana McQuaig Carried

Resolution that the Morrisburg DBIA Board of Management reconvene and authorize staff to proceed as directed.

Moved by Sam Laurin

Seconded by Shelley Cumberland Carried


Motion to adjourn

Motion by Shelley Cumberland

Seconded by Karen Thompson Carried

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting will be November 2nd, 2015, 6:00pm at the BIA office, 99 Main Street, Morrisburg, everyone is welcome.