The Village of Morrisburg is located along the 401 corridor between Brockville and Cornwall where Highway #2 and Highway #31 intersect.

The Morrisburg Downtown Business Improvement Area is located in beautiful and historic Morrisburg nestled along the St. Lawrence River. One of the premier destinations in Ontario with attractions such as Upper Canada Playhouse, Parks of the St Lawrence and Upper Canada Village, as well as one of the best locations for boating and fishing. We also boast some of the best fresh water scuba diving and snorkeling for those wishing to explore lost ships and villages under the waves.

The Morrisburg Downtown Business Improvement Area is the geographic location containing the  Morrisburg Village Plaza, East Promenade and associate members within the boundries of the former Village of Morrisburg. In the summer months the gentle breeze from the river wafts through our shaded Courtyard providing the perfect spot to stop, relax and enjoy. Whether its shopping, dining, or one of our many financial and personal services that brings you to us we are committed to ensuring your experience is a positive one.

The Morrisburg DBIA exists to promote and improve the businesses of our members through financial planning and economic development, marketing, beautification and events.

With support from the Municipality of South Dundas, we create an atmosphere where our residents and visitors may experience a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and services and enjoy special events. The Morrisburg Village Plaza is a place where history and charm meets modern value and friendly service.

The DBIA is governed by a Board of Directors chosen from the general membership, and has a 4 year term of leadership. As an association it forms part of and is responsible to the Municipality. For more information on the Board of Directors and meetings, click here.

Clock Tower

One of the most distinguishing features of the Morrisburg Village Plaza is the Central Courtyard and Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower features a historically significant bell that was purchased with funds donated in 1864 to the newly incorporated Village of Morrisburg (1860) by Sir James Morris for whom the Village was named.

The bell was purchased and placed at the public school that also served as a meeting place for council.

The bell remained above the public school until the “Seaway Project” when the bell was removed and placed in storage. The bell was then presented to the Morrisburg Public School where it remained at the schools entrance until it was relocated to the Morrisburg Village Plaza Clock Tower in 1992.

The final move completed a process that had begun 128 years earlier.